Fleta Documentary


Ignacio Fleta

Ignacio Fleta, the Stradivarius of guitar makers, creates one of his masterpieces in..


Before his death in 1977, he worked with his two sons in a small workshop in the old quarter of Barcelona.  This film shows how the master carefully crafts each stage in the construction of one of these beautiful instruments.  Such was the demand for his famous guitars, that purchasers would wait up to ten years for delivery.

But I AM A GUITAR is more than a documentary about how a guitar is created in the hands of a master luthier; it is also a resounding musical experience.The film’s vibrant background score, which includes works by Tarrega and Albeniz, is played by Canada’s leading classical guitarist, Liona Boyd. Liona Boyd


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“A really wonderful film”

Geoff Alexander, Director,
Academic Film Archive of North America 

“This is an excellent short film,
particularly for those who love the guitar.”

Freddie Young, Director of Photography,
‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ and ‘Passage to India’


Jury Award: Scottish Film Festival 



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More to the story..

When Alex journeyed to Barcelona to meet with Señor Fleta and make the film, he found Fleta to be a delightful Spanish gentleman who followed a strict daily work schedule - he had orders for guitars from people who were willing to wait ten years for delivery. Thus, he allowed Alex only one morning to make the film. Fleta spoke no English and Alex no Spanish.  But as luck would have it, Alex was guided to an excellent interpretor who, coincidentally, turned out to be a relative of the great luthier. The two got along like a house on fire, exchanging anecdotes and family news.  This had the effect of making Señor Fleta most cooperative and made the filming process that much easier.

Back in Toronto, when Alex started the post production process, he had to find a guitarist to play the film’s soundtrack.  So he talked to his friend Eli Kassner, a noted classical guitar teacher. When Eli heard about the Fleta film, he immediately suggested his star pupil Liona Boyd to record the soundtrack.  And as soon as Alex heard Liona play, he knew she would be perfect.  I AM A GUITAR was Liona’s first film soundtrack recording. Later, Liona showed the film while on tour.

Some notes..

I AM A GUITAR is the only film made about Fleta and about how he created one of his masterpieces for the world’s greatest classical guitar virtuosi.

A Fleta.. has a unique tonal beauty much sought after by virtuosos and collectors alike.

A Fleta.. continues to be highly prized.

A Fleta.. is the quintessential Spanish guitar, a pure delight to listen to.

A Fleta.. is famous for its exceedingly warm tone and highly inviting emotional quality.