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Selected Canadian award-winning documentaries and art films
in all DVD formats

from Canadian filmmaker Alex Hamilton-Brown

I Am A Guitar (IGNACIO FLETA, THE STRADIVARIUS OF GUITAR MAKERS) Findhorn - A place to grow Giants - The Mystery and the Myth A Whole New Ball Game Spirit Of The Arctic (INUIT MONUMENTAL ART)
An Affirmation Of Life: Moriyama (ARCHITECTURE) Spirit Of Stone (NORTH AMERICAN FIRST NATION ART)
  • IGNACIO FLETA, THE STRADIVARIUS OF GUITAR MAKERS, creates one of his masterpieces.
  • FINDHORN - a place to grow. The original first film about the world famous eco-village community in North Eastern Scotland.
  • GIANTS - The Mystery and Myth. This production investigates the phenomena of giants from the beginnings of civilization to the present time.
  • A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME, with the Harlem Globetrotters. This is vintage Globetrotters with a difference - they are in wheelchairs! It’s a multi-award winning show, with the Globetrotters taking on the Canadian wheelchair champions.
  • INUIT MONUMENTAL ART: The creation of Inuit sculpture on a monumental scale.
  • ARCHITECTURE: The work of preeminent architect Raymond Moriyama.
  • FIRST NATION ART: Unraveling the enigma of Canada’s most puzzling prehistoric petroglyph mystery.

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I AM A GUITAR (10 minutes) - Digitally remastered.The only film made about how Ignacio Fleta, the Spanish Stadivarius of guitar makers, creates one of his masterpieces from start to finish. Filmmaker, Alex Hamilton Brown journeyed to Spain, to Fleta’s small workshop in Barcelona, to record for posterity, how the master carefully crafted his beautiful instruments; Fleta guitars, that were destined to be played by the world’s greatest classical guitarists.Following Fleta’s death, his guitars have sky-rocketed in price. Recently, one was sold at Christie’s Auction House in London for $74,400.00.

AWARD: Winner of the Jury Award, Scottish Film Festival.

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FINDHORN - A place to grow (23 minutes).The first half-hour film (made in 1975) about this world-famous community in North Eastern Scotland.

This is the original first film about the genesis of the Findhorn community in North Eastern Scotland. It features the founders Peter and Eileen Caddy, and how, through spiritual guidance, a magical and unique eco-village was created. In a barren landscape, with soil that was almost pure sand, they produced vegetables, flowers and fruit more than twice their expected size. But it was the spiritual growth of the people who flourished even more, when they came to this remarkable community. Soon, Findhorn became the matrix for the foundation for similar communities around the world.

Review:A Superb film!” - Peter Caddy, co-founder of Findhorn.

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GIANTS - The Mystery and the Myth (50 minutes).Out of the mists of our past come The Giants. Who were they? Where and when did they live?

A Hamilton-Brown/Discovery production explores the phenomena of giants from the beginnings of civilization to the present time. Filmed in the U.K., Russia, U.S.A., the Middle East and South America, it features authors and scientists such as: Brad Steiger, Zecheria Sitchin, Eric Von Daniken and archaeologists Vendyl Jones and Dr. Jennifer Westwood.

In the film, it shows recently deciphered Sumerian clay tablets that are over 5000 years old. They depict celestial giants who gave a jump-start to human civilization. One of the tablets shows the earth revolving around the sun, along with the other planets in their correct positions. A fact that was considered heresy 400 years ago.

Originally shown on Discovery US and Discovery Europe, this is the complete digitized uncut version, which became one of Discovery’s all-time highest rated shows.

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A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME (28 minutes).This multi-award-winning film is a Globetrotter classic.

With the Globetrotters in wheelchairs, it’s about a hilarious nail-biting match, starring the all-time pairing of Curly Neal and Geese Ausbie. Their crackerjack shot-making is stretched to the limit when they take on the Canadian wheelchair champions, the Toronto Spitfires.

The film features a youthful Jeff Adams, who, years later, went on to become a six-time world champion paralympian.

Try to guess the outcome of this match, and you might be surprised.

Review:An absolute gem.” - Toronto Star.

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AN AFFIRMATION OF LIFE (26 minutes)Japanese Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama is recognized as one of the world’s outstanding architects. This film explores some of the influences that have brought Moriyama to the forefront of world architecture. For example, Moriyama’s Science North in Northern Ontario, has the basic design of a snowflake.

  • Site specific .vs. homogeneous style
  • Democracy in architecture
  • Zen influence
  • Symbolism in architecture
  • The evolution of cities
  • Moriyama’s creative process

AWARD: Moriyama is the recipient of the Canadian Governor General’s Award, 2009.

From the artist:

    “This massive neck bone of a bow whale has been lying up in the arctic for over a century until salt, wind, rain and sun had leached out its natural oils, leaving it with the consistency of wood and ideal for carving.”
- Anghik Ruben

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SPIRIT OF THE ARCTIC (26 minutes)The first documentary to feature three distinguished circumpolar Inuit artists carving on a monumental scale – a rarity in arctic art. It features the work of Paulatuk sculptor Abraham Anghik Ruben, Joe Nasagalawik from Tuktoyaktuk and Dolphus Cadeux from Yellowknife. The film shows the sculptors working on a five ton block of Indiana limestone, a three ton block of Carrera marble and a three metre long jawbone of an arctic whale, left behind from the old whaling days. It also reveals how the artists empower their work with emotion and allegory.

Narrated by: MAVOR MOORE


    A superb film of deep insights into the world of aboriginal art…portrayal of masterly Inuit sculpture on a spectacular scale.” - Dr. Bill Zuk, Arts and Education, University of Victoria.
    Just beautiful.” - K. Gardiner, AMTEC Festival judge.

AWARD: AMTEC Film Festival, Best documentary.

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SPIRIT OF STONE (25 minutes)The Canadian Peterborough Petroglyphs are the largest example of prehistoric rock carvings in Eastern North America. The hundreds of signs and symbols that surround the site are also the most enigmatic. The film explores how the carvings were first discovered; and how their date and meaning has eluded archaeologist for decades. Carved by Algonquian First Nation inhabitants of some uncertain past, they are estimated to be between 500 to 5000 years old.This is a film that will stimulate discussion from high school history and social studies through to university level anthropology, archeology and comparative religion.

Narrated by: ALEX TREBEK


    This is a beautiful and haunting film of universal appeal…it does an outstanding job of unraveling the enigma and mystery of these early native stone carvings.” - Arts Canada

AWARD: The Christopher, Columbus Film Festival